Over 16 years of experience and expertise make us to go for your filter requirements.

Yinbeier Filter started factory in 2003 from producing and research hydraulic filter element. And then expands the whole line of filter elements. Over 16 years of experience and expertise make us to go for your filter requirements.

electric power

Filters for electric power

Solid-, liquid- and dissolved contamination particles in your liquids can be de cause of problems in your assets like the boilers, turbines, and transformators. Common applications are varnish removal, reverse osmosis, fuel gas cleaning, lubricating oils and the protection of your gearboxes, low NOx burners and injection nozzles.

Filters for steel mill

We are already a supplier to several different companies in the paper industry, the steel industry, the food industry and the engineering industry. This means that we have extensive experience and knowledge in the area to find the right solution for your industry.

steel mill

Filters for petroleum

In upstream, we originally deliver filtration systems and filter elements of every brand and type. In downstream it is the same, and specific applications can be named: filtration, in and around turbines and compressors, gas sweetening, glycol, amines, catalyst protection and solvent filtration.

Filters for industry

We have extensive experience and knowledge in the area to find the right solution for your industry. We offer a complete filter program and condition monitoring products for industrial oils, process water, laundry and cutting fluids and chemicals.



Filters for agriculture

Contamination in diesel is a problem for many in the agriculturel industry. With clean diesel, the machines last longer and we will help you find, among other things, air filter and diesel prefilter with water separation. 

Filters for food & beverage

In the food- and beverage industry, safety and traceability is crucial. We can help you with foodgrade arranging you production process, transfer and storage. Think of clarification of the product, removal of bacteria, and the removal of unwanted contamination in your storage tanks and silo’s.

food & beverage

Filters for biotechnology

In the biotechnology industry, our filters need to function in a high-quality, effective and profitable way, without endangering safety at any point. To help you in this situation, we can deliver high-quality and validated filters for both micro- and ultra filtration.

Filters for construction

The wear of a diesel engine is directly related to how clean the engine oil is. If you use filter with high quality, you get a clean engine that lasts longer. We have everything you need when it comes to engine oil filters, fuel filters, air filters, coolant filters, hydraulic / transmission filters, crankcase ventilation filters and cabin / cabin filters.


Filters for ocean

We have provided regular shipping customers with filter packages for fleets of supply ships, gas tankers, ferries, fishing vessels, guards and various work vessels.We focus on fast response, correct filters and right delivery.

Filters for mining

 We offer a complete filter program for diesel-powered vehicles in construction and whatever  business you are in, we can create a complete list of filters for your machinery, you get complete control of your machines and which filters are needed for each machine.



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