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The most common problems and treatments in the use of oil and gas separation filters

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  • Published on:2019-10-11

The oil and gas separation filter is a device that separates the gas in the lubricating oil to ensure that the lubrication system can work normally. Its working principle is: when the oil mist is inte

The most common problems and treatments in the use of oil and gas separation filters

The oil and gas separation filter is a device that separates the gas in the lubricating oil to ensure that the lubrication system can work normally. Its working principle is: when the oil mist is inte

  • Categories:NEWS
  • Author:Yinbeier
  • Published on:2019-10-11
The oil and gas separation filter is a device that separates the gas in the lubricating oil to ensure that the lubrication system can work normally. Its working principle is: when the oil mist is intercepted, diffused and polymerized by the filter material, the small oil droplets quickly polymerize into large oil droplets, and pass through the filter layer under the action of aerodynamics and gravity to settle at the bottom of the filter element. These oils are returned to the lubrication system through the inlet of the return line at the bottom of the filter element, allowing the compressor to discharge relatively pure, high-quality compressed air.
The most common problems and treatments in the use of oil and gas separation filters:
There are many problems in the use of oil and gas separation filters, the most important of which are the following two aspects:
In actual use, the oil and gas separation filter often has the phenomenon of running oil. If it is not discovered in time, it may bring huge economic losses to the enterprise. There are several reasons for the phenomenon of running oil:
1. Oil circuit blockage: When using the suction pipe nozzle of the bottle mouth, if the pipe mouth is close to the bottom cover, the separated oil circuit will be blocked, and then the gas pipe will be removed from the gas pipe.
2. The filter element in the return pipe is blocked: due to the long-term use of the equipment, the filter element in the oil return pipe of the oil and gas separation filter may be blocked, so that the filtered oil cannot flow out smoothly, and then flows into the air from the air pipe.
3. The product quality is unqualified: the manufacturer has a lack of quality in order to save costs or its own technology. The oil and gas separation filter produced has serious quality problems, or the shape of the filter bottom cover is not set according to the actual situation. There is a phenomenon of running oil in operation.
4. The number of wound layers of the glass fiber filter layer is improper: the number of wound layers of the glass fiber filter layer is also a cause of the oil phenomenon. When the number of layers is too small, the effect of separating the oil drops is reduced; if the number of layers is too much , will cause the initial pressure difference to increase.
In the actual operation, the following methods can be used to avoid some problems:
1. Weld the bottom cover and the inner and outer middle skeletons.
2. The accumulation of static electricity is caused by the insulation state inside the filter element. Therefore, in order to solve this situation, a number of randomly distributed staples can be nailed inside to achieve the purpose of diverting static electricity.
3. Raising safety awareness and strengthening vigilance accidents are mostly caused by staff negligence. Therefore, strengthen the safety awareness of staff, be vigilant in actual work, take safety precautions, check in time, and kill potential safety hazards. In the cradle.
The use of oil and gas separation filters is quite extensive, and improving their work efficiency and quality will save the company a large amount of money. Therefore, the staff should master the basic principles of their work, understand the common problems in the use process, and take corresponding measures on these issues. At the same time, we must put safety issues first and avoid casualties during work.

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