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The influencing factors of hydraulic filter core price

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  • Published on:2019-09-11

In the process of purchasing hydraulic filter elements, we will encounter various problems, such as: How is the product quality? Is the accuracy required? What is the maximum working pressure? Can you make it cheaper? Are you more focused on quality, price or service?


The influencing factors of hydraulic filter core price

In the process of purchasing hydraulic filter elements, we will encounter various problems, such as: How is the product quality? Is the accuracy required? What is the maximum working pressure? Can you make it cheaper? Are you more focused on quality, price or service?

  • Categories:NEWS
  • Author:Yinbeier
  • Published on:2019-09-11

In the process of purchasing hydraulic filter elements, we will encounter various problems, such as: How is the product quality? Is the accuracy required? What is the maximum working pressure? Can you make it cheaper? Are you more focused on quality, price or service?

Today let's talk about the determinants of the price of hydraulic filter elements.

1. The material.

The most commonly used hydraulic filter element is composed of end cover, adhesive, supporting framework, filter paper and auxiliary folding mesh.

End cover: aluminum end cover, stamping end cover, nylon end cover, according to the pressure and filter media, we will choose different materials of end cover. Prices vary for different material end cover.

Adhesive: the formulation ratio and temperature of adhesive play an important role in the manufacture of filter element. Experienced production companies have their own formula experience. When the filter element is not firmly bonded, quality problems will happen, which will cause heavy losses to buyers.

Support framework: according to different pressure, filtration medium and customer requirements, different materials will be used for support framework. A slightly thinner support framework can be used for low-pressure filter element without affecting the use of products to save product and transportation cost. Some customers want to stainless steel support framework, thick support framework or add external netting support protection, it is important factors affecting the price of products.

Filter paper: filter paper is the filter medium of filter element. The higher the filter precision, the higher the price. In addition, some customers need to choose imported filter paper, the price is much higher than domestic filter paper.

2. Manufacturing process.

A qualified filter element must meet several characteristics: Accurate size, exact filtration accuracy; Folding density is uniform and not loose; End cover bonding solid and regular, no obvious gaps on both sides; Support frame pressure standard; Selection of materials and seals meet the requirements of filtering media. It seems that a filter element is simple, but actually process details and experiences are very important in production. Our company has 16 years of hydraulic filter element production experience, we could provide comprehensive and professional filtering solution as your requirements.

3. Quantity.

As we all know, there is a difference between the price of one product and the price of 100 products,when the quantity is large,price could be lower.

4. Company form.

Compared with trading companies, manufacturing companies have comparative advantages in price and production cost and finished product ,procurement cost are a decisive factor for the price of hydraulic filter element.

5. The goods time.

Time cost and labor cost are the necessary considerations when buyers need to make urgent purchase.

6. The freight.

Such problems often occur in foreign trade business. The product value is not high, but the freight costs take up high percent account in entire procurement cost. Therefore, how to help customers save costs on the basis of purchasing satisfactory products? Cost performance is very important.

7. Social factors.

The current situation is constantly changing, for example:exchange rate, environmental requirements, holiday work costs and logistics costs, the requirements of each country for importing and exporting are always affecting the price of products.


When we purchase products, most of the time we cannot know which procurement period is the most appropriate, but it is crucial to choose professional and cost-effective suppliers who will put themselves in the shoes of customers. Suppliers high understanding has a good effect on price control and ensure buyers purchase satisfactory hydraulic filter elements.


We have 16 years of industrial hydraulic filter element production experiences, passed ISO9001:2015 Certification, proficient in various brands of filter element replacement cross reference, welcome to visit our factory at any time.


If you feel that there are dissatisfaction in our products and service, please do not hesitate to tell us for our improvement.


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