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Main use of dust filter element

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  • Published on:2020-01-06

The dust containing gas enters from the air inlet of the dust remover. When the gas passes through the dust remover element (filter cartridge), the dust is left on the outer surface of the dust remove

Main use of dust filter element

The dust containing gas enters from the air inlet of the dust remover. When the gas passes through the dust remover element (filter cartridge), the dust is left on the outer surface of the dust remove

  • Categories:NEWS
  • Author:Yinbeier
  • Published on:2020-01-06
The dust containing gas enters from the air inlet of the dust remover. When the gas passes through the dust remover element (filter cartridge), the dust is left on the outer surface of the dust remover element. The purified gas enters the clean air chamber through the dust removal filter element port, and then is discharged from the air outlet. With the extension of the filtering time, the dust layer on the dust removal filter element is continuously thickened, and the resistance is constantly rising. When the resistance rises to the set value, the dust removal device starts to clean the dust.
The products are mainly used for:
1. Industrial gas, industrial dust, coating equipment, dust filter cartridge, dust filter cartridge, dust filter cartridge, sterilization, deodorization filter cartridge and powder recovery filter cartridge for environmental protection equipment.
2. Industrial oil, fluid filtration, hydraulic, lubrication system, high-precision oil filter element and non-standard filter element, pipeline filter element, imported filter element localization transformation.
3. Air filter element, oil filter element, oil-gas separation filter element, oil filter element, diesel filter element and various filters for air compressor, generator set, fan, etc.
4. Large unit, natural gas turbine, marine air filter, engine oil filter, oil filter, oil-water separator filter, oil-gas separator filter, etc.
5. Air filter element, engine oil filter element, diesel filter element, hydraulic filter element, pilot filter element and other filters for heavy truck and construction machinery.
6. Filter disc, filter plate, filter screen and oil filter element for dryer, washing and other mechanical equipment. 
7. Design and development of non-standard filter elements for various mechanical equipment.
8. High efficiency, multi-function, high-precision oil filter car and filter elements used by various oil filter cars.  
9. Primary, medium and sub high efficiency filters for central air conditioning, fresh air supplement, etc.
10. The water purifier series uses the melt blown filter element, the winding filter element, the active carbon filter element and so on.
11. Oil filter element for large machine tools and wire cutting machines. 
12. Oil filter element, dust filter element and gas purification filter element of various pipeline systems.
Yinbeier filter element has the following advantages:
1. Good air permeability, small initial pressure, high air permeability more than ten times, large dust capacity, easy dust removal, easy installation and maintenance, long service life;
2. High corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, general use temperature ≤ 550 ℃;
3. The filter element can be made into a folded shape, greatly increasing the filtering area of a single filter element;
4. The filter material adopts international advanced film covering and discount technology, with wide pleat design, smooth material surface and even gap;
5. There is a high-strength anti-corrosion treatment protective net inside and outside (the outer protective net is optional), and an anti-static wire is also provided;
6. Low hardness and high strength foam sealing rubber ring is used to ensure no dust leakage, and the filtering efficiency can reach 99.9%.

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