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Hydraulic oil filter element installation position is different

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  • Published on:2020-01-13

The hydraulic oil filter is mainly used in the suction pipeline and the return pipeline. The oil filter has a built-in filter and an external filter. External directly remove the bolt outside the filt

Hydraulic oil filter element installation position is different

The hydraulic oil filter is mainly used in the suction pipeline and the return pipeline. The oil filter has a built-in filter and an external filter. External directly remove the bolt outside the filt

  • Categories:NEWS
  • Author:Yinbeier
  • Published on:2020-01-13
The hydraulic oil filter is mainly used in the suction pipeline and the return pipeline. The oil filter has a built-in filter and an external filter. External directly remove the bolt outside the filter, the filter element out, and then change, at the same time the oil is locked by the one-way valve will not flow out, very convenient. Oil return filter element can be replaced directly. 
Hydraulic oil filter element installation and replacement sequence:
1. Turn off the equipment and power off;
2. Close the oil inlet valve;
3. Open the discharge port at the bottom of the fine filter, open the vent valve at the top, and discharge the oil in the filter shell clean;
4. Open the upper cover of the fine filter and remove the old filter element;
5. Clean all filters;
6. Install new filter element and pay attention to cleaning. Care should be taken to create a clean operating environment during the whole process, otherwise other impurities may be mixed.
Installation steps of hydraulic oil filter element:
1. Install the oil filter at the suction port of the hydraulic pump to protect all components in the system. However, limited by the oil suction resistance of the pump, only the screen filter with small pressure loss can be selected. The filter has low filtration accuracy, and the particles generated by pump wear will enter the system, which cannot completely protect other hydraulic components of the system, so other filters are needed to be used on the oil line.
2. installed in the pump on the oil outlet of the installation can be effective in protecting the other than pump hydraulic components, but due to the oil filter is working under high pressure, filter needs to have high strength, in order to prevent damage of hydraulic pump overload caused by blocked filter or oil filter, often a clogging indicator or are installed near the oil filter bypass valve to protect it.
3. Install on the return oil circuit, and install the filter on the return oil circuit of the system. In this way, the particles generated by the peeling off of the oil tank or tube wall oxide layer or the wear of the hydraulic components in the system can be filtered out to ensure that the hydraulic oil in the tank is clean and the pump and other components are protected. Because the return oil pressure is low, the strength of the required filter need not be too high.
4. installed in the branch, this way is mainly installed in the overflow valve return oil line, at this time will not increase the pressure loss of the main oil line, the flow of the filter can also be less than the flow of the pump, more economic and reasonable. However, it cannot filter all the oil, nor can it guarantee that the impurities will not enter the system.
5.separate filtration, with a hydraulic pump and oil filter to form an independent and separate filter circuit outside the system, so as to continuously remove impurities in the system, to ensure the system clean. Generally used in large hydraulic systems.

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