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Compare the difference between self-cleaning filter and precision filter

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  • Published on:2019-09-06

Self-cleaning filters are currently widely used in the water treatment industry. Their simple design and good performance make the sewage achieve excellent filtration results.The self-cleaning filter 

Compare the difference between self-cleaning filter and precision filter

Self-cleaning filters are currently widely used in the water treatment industry. Their simple design and good performance make the sewage achieve excellent filtration results.The self-cleaning filter 

  • Categories:NEWS
  • Author:Yinbeier
  • Origin:www.inbornfilter.com
  • Published on:2019-09-06
Self-cleaning filters are currently widely used in the water treatment industry. Their simple design and good performance make the sewage achieve excellent filtration results.The self-cleaning filter overcomes many shortcomings such as small dirt absorption, clogging of dirt, removal and cleaning of the filter part, and failure to monitor the filter state.It has the function of filtering the raw water and automatically cleaning and filtering the filter element.Moreover, the system provides uninterrupted water supply when cleaning the sewage, and the working state of the filter can be monitored, and the degree of automation is high.
The precision filter has the characteristics of high pollution carrying capacity, strong corrosion resistance, good temperature resistance, large flow rate, convenient operation, long service life and no fiber shedding. The shell of the cylinder body of the precision filter is generally made of stainless steel, and the internal use of PP melting, Wire wound, activated carbon filter core and other tubular filter elements as filtering elements. Different filtering elements are selected according to different filtering media and design process to meet the requirements of different effluent water quality.
Yinbeier compares the differences between self-cleaning filter and precision filter in the following aspects:
1. On the principle of filtration
Self-cleaning filter using multilayer structure, high precision up to 10 microns of woven filter as the filter medium, mesh is made of stainless steel 316, filtering effect is stable, the advantages of corrosion resistance, when the water flow through the filter, the water solid impurities attached on the fine mesh gradually set, the filter pressure difference inside and outside, the pressure will gradually increase with the filtering process. When the differential pressure reaches the preset value, the entire automatic cleaning cycle starts. The self-cleaning filter opens the sewage valve and drives the cleaning device by the differential pressure switch to remove the suspended impurities on the filter screen. During this cleaning process, the water output will not be affected.
Most of the precision filtration devices are made of stainless steel as the shell, and the filter element is installed inside, which is mainly used after multi-media pretreatment filtration, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and other membrane filtration equipment. It is used to remove the fine substance after multi-medium filtration to ensure the filtration accuracy of water quality and the protective membrane filtration element from the damage of large particulate matter. There are different precision levels of filter elements in the precision filter device, and different filtration precision is selected according to different application occasions, so as to ensure the precision of post-effluent and the safety of post-membrane elements.
2. In terms of filtering effect
Self-cleaning filter has good filtering effect. Special woven filter net ensures effective filtering area and effect. Precision filter has high filtration precision and high water inlet requirement.
3, in the recoil effect
Self-cleaning filter has good recoil effect, and the backwashing time is short, only about 10 seconds, and the system does not stop the flow when cleaning. Precision filters do not clean themselves.
4. Cost of maintenance or replacement of filtration unit
The cost of self-cleaning filter is very low. There is no direct contact between the stainless steel 316 filter and the cleaning mechanism. There is no wear problem.
Precision filter maintenance cost is high, water quality has a great impact on its service life, filter element needs to be replaced often.
5. Operating cost of the system
Self-cleaning filter system has low operating cost and generally does not need maintenance. Precision filters cost labor.
6. In terms of operation control
The self-cleaning filter hydraulic controller can monitor the operation of the filter with high precision and good reliability.
The precision filter has no automatic cleaning recording device, so it is impossible to grasp the operation situation. High precision filter can not achieve remote control.
In summary, compared with traditional filter, self-cleaning filter is a new type of filter equipment. Compared with traditional filter, self-cleaning filter has the following characteristics: high degree of automation; Small pressure loss; There is no need to manually remove the filter residue, the cost of subsequent consumables is less, no interruption of cleaning, in short, it is a one-time investment, long service life, relatively high cost performance.

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