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Characteristics and application of 3M high flow filter core

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  • Published on:2019-09-24

3M large-flow folding filter element product description:
3M large-flow folding filter core main body diameter 6 inches (152.4mm), single-end opening, flow direction from the inside out, external stru

Characteristics and application of 3M high flow filter core

3M large-flow folding filter element product description:
3M large-flow folding filter core main body diameter 6 inches (152.4mm), single-end opening, flow direction from the inside out, external stru

  • Categories:NEWS
  • Author:Yinbeier
  • Origin:www.inbornfilter.com
  • Published on:2019-09-24
3M large-flow folding filter element product description:
3M large-flow folding filter core main body diameter 6 inches (152.4mm), single-end opening, flow direction from the inside out, external structure use reinforced polypropylene (PP) skeleton, filter layer use polypropylene micro-pore filter membrane folding structure, pollution absorption, long service life. The end cover and the filter layer all adopt the hot melt welding technology, the structure is stable, can be applied in many fields.
Performance characteristics of 3M large-flow folding filter element:
1. the overall polypropylene (pp) material, chemical durability, more widely used.
2. The special folding structure in the deep layer of microporous membrane has the advantages of high flux, small pressure loss and long life.
3. The internal and external skeleton structure and the overall hot-melt welding technology greatly increase the overall structural strength of the filter core.
4. The combination of surface filtration and deep filtration enables the single pass quantity to reach 70m³/h. Compared with the ordinary filter core, the number of filter core can be greatly reduced and the supporting shell size can be significantly reduced. In the process of use to reduce the number of filter replacement and unnecessary loss, improve work efficiency.
5. folding design, increase the filter area, make its pressure drop significantly lower than the ordinary filter core.
6. large diameter design, increase the amount of pollution, extend the service life, reduce the production cost.
7. The number of filter elements to be replaced is greatly reduced, which saves labor cost.
8. Convenient handle design significantly reduces the time to replace the filter element, making the replacement of the filter element simple and portable.
9. there are a variety of filtering accuracy, to meet the requirements of different accuracy levels.
10. the overall design of polypropylene and hot melt bonding treatment, effectively prevent secondary pollution.
11. Equipped with skeleton to enhance the anti-pressure ability of the filter element during use.
12. The design of sealing interface reduces the risk of bypass and ensures the tightness and reliability of filtration.
3M large flow folding filter element application field:
.Filtration of raw materials, solvents and water in the biopharmaceutical industry;
.Power plant desalination station condensate, condensate, stator cooling water filtration;
.Ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis front security filter filtration;
.Urban sewage treatment plant pre-filtration;
.Desalination pre-filtration of seawater.
3M large flow folding filter element of Yinbeier advantage:
1. Stable quality: implement quality monitoring throughout the process, nuance and comprehensive inspection.
2. Reasonable price: Efficient internal cost control reduces expenses and benefits customers.
3. Convenient delivery: Automated production, sufficient stocking, and shortened delivery time.
Yinbeier specializes in the production of water filters,The main products are pp meltblown filter element, folding filter element, wire wound filter element and so on. The 3M large flow filter element has a large geometrical size and uses high-quality filter material. The fluid flows from the inside to the outside, effectively trapping impurities, and is suitable for various standard large-flow filters.

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